Information About The Jimmy Carter Library And Museum

The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is located about two miles from downtown Atlanta and is also close to Hartsfield International Airport. Different rules apply to the library than the museum. The library is not operated as public institution as the museum is, but offers many public attractions.

Rules For Using The Jimmy Carter Library

Adults may utilize materials from the library, but they should inquire about specific restrictions when onsite. A good portion of the material is original manuscripts and other rare documents that are sought after by researchers. Children must be at least 14 years of age to visit the library and must be in the company of at least one adult.

Those adults who seek to use library materials are advised to inquire with the library staff and make prior arrangements. Some material falls under restrictions that pertain to national security. Staff members at the library are not permitted to conduct remote research on behalf of a member of the public or a professional who is seeking to do research. You are encouraged to contact the library staff and ask specific questions about the materials that you are interested in using.

The many research materials at the library include oral histories and interviews. There are also many web-based materials available through the Internet. In some cases, library staff can print and mail various materials to requestors for a fee.  Some materials are available free of charge. See the library website for more details.

About The Jimmy Carter Museum

The museum is open to the public five days a week. One of the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum’s popular attractions is an exact replica of the Oval Office, which President Jimmy Carter occupied from 1977 to 1981. Jimmy Carter was our nation’s 39th President.

The Oval Office is the one room of the White House that a current president can have decorated and furnished exactly as he or she sees fit. The Oval Office exhibit in the Jimmy Carter Museum in Atlanta is frozen in time-it is decorated and furnished exactly as it was during the Carter presidency.

Visitors can also look at gifts at authentic campaign materials, news media excerpts from the Carter administration and gifts received by the White House from Americans and from foreign governments and citizens. The entire museum is a time capsule of the Carter Administration that promises plenty to see.

Many Other Opportunities Exist For Visitors Of All Ages

Guest authors and speakers are a constant attraction at the Jimmy carter Library and Museum. From presentations on Cold War spies to Civil War battles in Georgia and everything else that has a historical connection to American culture, the event list is ample and most of these offerings are free and open to the public.

The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum also offers many different opportunities for students in Georgia to visit and learn about US History and social studies subjects in a fun and interactive manner.