A Tradition Of Caring

Caregivers have many faces. Many of us never see those faces or the work they do until it is our turn to receive care that we need. Their acts of selfless giving are often what holds the world together, because often, to people who need help, their caregivers are their only hope in the world. The Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving (also known as RCI) is a place that supports caregivers in Georgia through a partnership with Georgia Southwestern State University.

As the Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving tells us, it is caregivers themselves who are becoming a group most in need of help. People who are caring for elderly parents sacrifice much of their own time, financial resources and energy to help those in need, and due to the growing number of needy people in the United States, the caregivers need a support system of their own.

Programs For Future Caregivers Now Are An Investment In Our Nation’s Future

Programs at the Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving provide support for caregivers and help to train a new generation of caregivers who will play a vital role in maintaining the strength of the entire nation. As more and more older Americans need at least some assistance with living, we are presented with both challenges and opportunities.

Challenging The Tradition Concepts Of Caregiving

The traditional approach of sending elders away to homes is finally being challenged as we tackle the issue of long-term care as a nation. The Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving is an innovator in this new and positive trend toward creating more assisted living support that will help many elders retain more personal freedom and make things easier on those who take responsibility for them.

The Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving not only runs programs to train professional care givers, but also offers programs to train family members in the essential aspects of caregiving. As families acquire these essential skills, it will help keep the costs of care lower and also allow families to stay closer together. The newest program of this kind is known as Caring for You, Caring for Me: Education and Support for Family and Professional Caregivers (the program’s second edition has recently been phased in).

Psychological Support Is Just As Important To The Caregiver

A practical and inclusive approach is essential to caregiving. At the Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving, psychological support and training in how to cope with the stresses of being a caregiver are a major component of the Caring for You, Caring for Me program.

History of the Rosalynn Carter Institute For Caregiving

Caregiving has been a priority of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter since her days as First Lady of Georgia. The New Georgia Encyclopedia tells us that Mrs. Carter began her work in mental health reform back in the 1970s, work which led to federal level mental health system reforms that began near the end of her husband Jimmy Carter’s presidency back in the early 1980s.